Know the ledge so you don't fall off the edge. What is the edge? The precipice above an abyss of lack of knowledge of self, confusion and a lack of self esteem and a lack of awareness of ones contribution to Britain and the world.

We started this journey to ask a group of young people one question: “How has migration affected Britain?” Its a very simple question on first examination. But look at it a little deeper and one can see where this question can take us.

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We have to ask what is migration? When did migration into Britain start? Who are the original British people? Where did they come from and what differentiates a British person from a non British person and more importantly. What does it mean to be “British”?

Our group has been involved in groundbreaking work. Looking at Britain's past and present to find the “soul” of modern British identity.

As part of the work of this project our team made of 7E Youth Academy staff, volunteers, young people training as researchers, academics, activists, artists and politicians have produced; educational workshops, extensive groundbreaking urban research, a documentary and a book which contains both research and artistic wordery both national and local artists which represent Britain in 2015.

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To celebrate the launch of the documentary and the book we are having a sharing at two events in Birmingham and London where we will be showing the documentary, discussing the project, making the book available to the public and have some live performances by artists involved in the project and artists whose work contains similar themes to this work. We will be in London at Southbank University on 28th December and Mockingbird Theatre on the 29th of December.

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We hope that the work we have done on this project will start a root discussion about what “Britishness” means. What we know is that it is much more than what the traditional conversation states it is and by looking at Britain's past, its roots and can begin to create a new future.

Please email for a copy of the Know The ledge book.

Please see click for completed documentary below.

Please see link for Birmingham event slide show attached.

If you require any further information please let us know.

Best regards.

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