7EYouth Academy has been running youthfocussedcommunity and people development projects since 2006. We have workedon 3 continents in communities facing complex challenges and havedynamic methodologies to assist the people and the communities wework in. 

We understand communities, we understand youth, we understand people and we understand how to make projects work.

We were one of the first youth led organisations in the U.K to use the best practice of respected organisations who work in disadvantaged communities in London, Chicago, Mexico, Columbia, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Germany, France and Scandinavia as part of our youth project design. We have combined our local experience and global best practice to develop our work.

We have just finished a very successful major youth project called the Know The Ledge supported by Heritage Lottery. 7E Youth Academy are pleased to now be a brand ambassador for HLF, partly due to the success and positive work as part of their Roots to Roots programme.

The Know The Ledge project has been groundbreaking and productive in a number of ways; significant qualitative and quantitative research in partnership with Dr Martin Glyn from Birmingham City University has been produced and published as part of the Know The Ledge book.

The production of the book and the production of 77 minute documentary which has been shown in Birmingham, London and Manchester and is currently being used by a number of local authorities as part of their training especially in equalities and diversity. The documentary and book are provoking discussion, debate and further research around migration and identity. The success and good feedback we have received regarding the documentary has made our team enthusiastic to produce films which touch upon real life. We have the creative team, the resources and the skills to do this.

We are currently delivering a music research project supported by Youth Music called The Power of Music. This work is looking at music and how it can be successfully used as part of a holistic youth development programme. We are using proper research methods to analyse our current practice and use the results to feedback into our project design and improve our best practice. This then will published as a research backed case study which will a resource for youth and music organisations locally, nationally and internationally.

We are a ground level youth engagement and development organisation with an international vision and the ability to design and manage work with big ideas, which require tenacity, sensitivity, creativity and professionalism.

We are used to managing projects which involve multiple partnerships, specialist teams and medium / large budgets. We have the correct financial controls / protocols in place to ensure proper budget and resource management.

As part of our work we have always been successful in developing strong partnerships which allows us to both; grow our organisation and complete our work.

We have a reputation of high level quality control and ensure that all our projects are well designed with a realistic design incorporating overall strategy, required resources, activities plan, scheduling and completion timetable.

We are personal but also professional and we believe that proper project design, resourcing, staffing and scheduling is essential to making work in creative, new and deprived / challenging areas successful.

We are community led and youth led. We are used to engaging people whom many believe are hard to engage but make up a significant section of the people that access our services, attend our events, engage our social media platforms and purchase our published work. We make art, entrepreneurship, volunteer training and creative energy part of our delivery methodology.

We built our organisation because we recognised a need and our plans, strategies and ground level engagement allows us to spot trends, recognize need and develop strategies and practical methodologies to address that need.

We work a lot in creative arts including film, heritage, training, entrepreneurship, multimedia, social media and technological development, community development and international development.

“The world’s most precious resource are young people”

7E Youth Academy is innovative community and youth organisation founded in 2006. Our objective is to help young people primarily 16-24 develop to become the best that they can be.

7EYouth Academy is innovative community and youth organisation foundedin 2006. Our objective is to help young people primarily 16-24develop to become the best that they can be.


Weoffer hands on experience and workshops in arts, education, music,sports, career development and entrepreneurship.

Ourbase of operation in the U.K is called “The Sankofa Arts andBusiness Centre” and we have a fully digital 24 music studio,rehearsal rooms, workshop rooms and classrooms.

Ourorganisation is known for developing innovative youth programs suchas Beyond Midnight University a partnership between 7E Youth Academyand Birmingham Youth services delivering youth activities andaccredited education at night when young people are most at risk frombeing influenced by negativity.


Who are your partners and who have you worked with?

Organisations we have delivered for and work in partnership with:

  • Royal Bank of Scotland

  • European Union and European RAN Network

  • South and City Birmingham College

  • Birmingham City Council

  • The Heritage Lottery

  • Birmingham Leadership Foundation

  • Birmingham City University

  • Birmingham Community Safety Partnership

  • Home Office

  • Tribal

  • St Edmund Campion School

  • Park view School

  • King Edwards Girls Grammar School

  • Birmingham Youth Services

  • Sparkbrook Youth Inclusion Project

  • Recora-Ra

  • Youth Music

  • U.K. Arts Council

  • HSBC Bank

  • Phoenix Newspaper

  • The Drum Arts Centre

  • The Black Cultural Archives

Mission Statement

We believe that the worlds most precious resource is its young people.Our objective to improve the lives and opportunities of young people by helping them improve themselves, educate themselves, find a direction in life, be safe, enjoy life, learn and empower themselves.


Our methodology is based upon sound academic research and empirical knowledge gained from our collective experience and shared best practice.

Current focus

  1. Helping young people become self sufficient and building self esteem, social capital and knowledge base and self confidence.

  2. Protection of young people from harm from gang violence and / or extremism.

  3. Creating opportunities for young people to function in the economy either as employees or through creating their own businesses.

  4. Involving young people in local, national and international decision making processes.

  5. Adding towards research and the knowledge base regarding working with disaffected youth.

  6. Promoting education, reading, writing, entrepreneurship, sports and the arts as activities which can serve as a conduit whereby young can“discover” their true potential and learn new powerful and effective skills.

Organisation structure

Our organisation is a social enterprise ran by volunteers who make aboard of directors including two representatives who are themselves young people. We are constantly looking at the best practice of other organisations working in our sector and adapting our programs based upon our evaluations of them.

Our target group.

Our target group is primarily young people aged 16-24 but we do engage people both younger and older than the target group and we do work with parents and families as part of our holistic approach to youth work.

How we engage young people.

We engage young people by doing innovative outreach. We meet young people through our social networks and by doing ground level outreach in streets and areas in different communities where we know young people will be.

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